Industries That Trust Security PS

Security PS serves as a strategic partner for companies across a range of industries. Companies leverage our information security expertise to support and enable their business to thrive in industries full of IT risk and security threats. Our understanding of information security risks and best practices in each industry, as well as across industries, enables our team to serve our clients with exceptional effectiveness and relevance to their business goals.

Banking and Financial Services

Since our founding in 2002, our consulting team and services have been well aligned to the particular needs and goals of the banking and financial services industry. Our clients include banks and credit unions of all sizes, as well as investment firms and organizations who provide on-line financial services for entire industries. Companies in this industry partner with Security PS to address compliance requirements, reduce risk of leveraging technologies to serve customers, and ensure their information security management programs continue to develop in a way that addresses emerging threats and stays ahead of industry requirements. Our full range of services are leveraged by our customers in this industry, including:
  • IT security assessments and General Controls Reviews
  • Application layer security assessments and risk management
  • Secure software development process and practices consulting, training, and solutions (Secure SDLC)
  • Policy reviews and development
  • Compliance reviews, gap analysis, and consulting related to FFIEC, GLBA, ISO, and more
  • Information security program and risk management program development


The world of e-commerce is not limited to an industry and has become part of the fabric of businesses in all industries. Conducting business on-line brings a set of risks that are unmistakably real and must be managed diligently. Our clients partner with Security PS to ensure their foundation of security is strong, help them understand and plan for upcoming risks, and prove their security posture is solid for conducting business transactions on-line.
  • Architecture security reviews for e-commerce applications and networks
  • E-commerce application assessments, penetration testing, and code reviews
  • PCI security and design requirements consulting
  • Secure software development process and practices consulting, training, and solutions (Secure SDLC)

Health Care and Insurance

As is expected for any industry that manages sensitive information, the world of health care services continues to increase in its need for solid and mature information security practices. Compliance regulations and the realities of risk are continuing to put pressure on organizations in this industry to ensure their information assets are managed safely. Security PS helps health care organizations and Insurance companies identify risks and gaps in current practices and take steps to implement proven practices to address risk.
  • Information Security Management Program (ISMP) development
  • Security assessments and penetration testing
  • Security awareness evaluations and training

Energy and Utilities

Power and other utilities sectors have become a high risk target of cyber attacks and traditionally, organizations in this industry are challenged to keep up to date with current security practices and defenses. Security PS has partnered with utilities companies to identify gaps in security practices, address shortcomings in information security management programs, and take actionable steps toward reducing risk and increasing the security posture of the organization.
  • Information Security Management Program (ISMP) development and consulting
  • Security assessments and penetration testing (Corporate assets, SCADA assets)
  • Security and compliance roadmap development

Industry Best Practices

Independent, Best Practice Security Independent, Best Practice Security Each industry has risks and challenges for accomplishing effective information security in daily operations and doing business. Implementing practices that address your particular business risks and meet your industry's regulatory or due diligence requirements is a challenge that benefits from experience and understanding. Contact us to discuss how we can help you apply best practices in your industry to your organization.
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