Application Security

Find Weaknesses, Learn From Them, Get Stronger

Proactive security creates opportunities for businesses to leverage technology with confidence. In the world of business applications, it is not enough to only detect vulnerabilities and patch the problems. Proactive organizations learn to apply security before problems can be introduced into your environment, reducing the amount of vulnerability-chasing, code-patching, and attack-blocking required in the future. That amounts to more time moving forward, and less time looking backward fixing. All Security PS application security services are designed to help your organization take strides in reducing not only immediate risk, but also the future risk associated with the applications you rely on for business.

Application Security Assessments & Penetration Testing

Know how you will stand against modern attacks and understand your risks at the application layer. Leveraging a streamlined assessment methodology designed from the ground up to identify and address a full range of application layer risks, Security PS offers assessments and penetration tests that can be tailored to meet your security goals. Whether the application is cloud, mobile, web, client-server, mainframe, or service architecture, we have you covered. All of our engagements offer full knowledge transfer and consulting to ensure customized recommendations are applicable, clearly communicated, and actionable.
  • Web Application Security Assessments & Risk Analysis
  • Web Services Assessments
  • Thick Client/Desktop Applications
  • Architecture Security Reviews
  • Authentication Processes Analysis
  • Threat Modeling
  • Code reviews and Critical Area Code Reviews
  • Establishing secure coding requirements and patterns

Mobile Application Security Assessments

Mobile and tablet applications offer a powerful platform for business. With this platform comes a new set of security requirements that must be considered and assumptions that must be challenged when evaluating application-layer risk to an organization. Security PS can help you evaluate the security risks associated with mobile and tablet applications, whether these applications are used internally by employees or provided externally to customers or partners.
  • iPhone/iPad iOS applications
  • Android applications
  • Server-side mobile services
  • Mobile Authentication Processes
  • Mobile application architecture
  • Cloud technology architecture

Application Security Training for Developers

In order for any secure development effort to be feasible and sustainable, an effective education program must be implemented to ensure developers are well equipped to meet requirements and contribute to the culture. Developer security education is also required in most regulated industries as a fundamental necessity for secure software development. Security PS has developed kick-start primers, lab-based boot camps, and ongoing education programs that not only meet compliance requirements, but are specifically designed to equip developers for success and boost adoption of internal secure development practices and processes.
  • Top application layer risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks
  • Proven AppSec practices and principles for defending modern attacks and increasing security posture
  • Presented by professional and experienced practitioners in the field
  • Instructor led and lab-based courses available to meet specific needs
  • A variety of course formats designed for:
    • On-boarding new developers, Application Security primers and refresher classes
    • Hands-on learning courses with instructor lead labs
    • Ongoing education, internal lunch-and-learns and conferences

Trusted Application Security Experts

Application Security Application Security Drawing from over a decade of experience helping businesses address and manage application risk, Security PS has the depth of experience to help organizations of all sizes and industries achieve their application security goals.
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