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Security PS is looking to hire high-quality individuals to join our Kansas City metro area team.

Why Work at Security PS?

Security PS is an established company that has earned a high reputation in the industry for delivering quality work and for its excellent team of consultants. Internally, we have developed a reputation for our culture and environment that helps our team grow and stay effective.

The work environment at Security PS provides a supportive team environment that gives opportunity for growth and ongoing professional development in a range of areas. Designed to fit the work style of our team, we've moved away from the formal office and have adopted a virtual office style but with a local team presence. This allows us to work flexibly from home, collaborate virtually, and also have the opportunity to meet and collaborate face to face as well. Regular team events and hangouts also add to the collaborative team culture.

While extensive travel schedules and considerable overtime work become expected of consultants in other firms, we’ve intentionally sculpted our culture differently. We believe that supporting a healthy work-life balance helps us to be stronger and more effective consultants. For example, our company values cultivating long-term relationships with businesses in our region, which means that travel requirements are low for our team, and yet we can easily provide face to face collaboration and help for our clients when needed. Also, our company recognizes that our team is more effective and productive when we plan well enough to maintain a 40-45 hr work week on average.

If you’re wondering how all this stacks up, ask our team. We love it. So, if you're looking to be a part of an excellent team at a well-established company that purposely maintains a team-oriented, smaller company feel, Security PS may be the place you’re looking for.

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Top Class Team

Enterprise Information Security Enterprise Security At Security PS, our effectiveness is a result of not only our methodology, but also the quality of our team. We are always looking for driven information security professionals who would resonate with our mission, culture, and team. If you're looking for an opportunity to make an impact with your talent and hard work, contact us to discuss current opportunities at Security PS.
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